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The Comus ® Group of Companies

Welcome to Comus International, a proud member of the Comus International Group of companies.

We’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers/suppliers of tilt switches, smart sensors, magnets, reed switches and more. Comus is committed to delivering the most reliable and durable products, backed up by our reputation for excellent customer service and aftercare.

With an extensive product range that includes float switches, pressure switches, movement and acceleration switches; you can see that we’re determined to offer a huge selection of high quality switches and sensors suitable for almost any application.

Our recently added range of smart sensors has enabled us to offer a collection of sensors that covers the widest spectrum of uses. Our smart sensors are capable of detecting angle, acceleration and g-force. Easily finding uses in everything from medical and engineering equipment to vehicle leveling and alarm control sensing, where equipment has to be kept in constant level state. This range of smart sensors is vibration and mechanical stress resistant and easily customized for specific applications.

As part of our range of tilt switches, we offer everything from ball contact and mercury based tilt switches to the latest electronic and micro tilt switches. With common applications including appliances and water-treatment equipment, security sensors and toys too, tilt switches are highly effective and a economic solution where a non-touch solution is required. With Comus’ tilt switches we can offer a variety of customization options too, including cutting, cropping, bending and more. Just tell us your specific requirements and we’ll discuss the possibilities of providing tilt switches for your individual application.

From smart sensors to ultrasonic sensors, optical to float switches, at Comus we’re committed to solving your sensor and switching requirements – so if you can’t see what you’re looking for, talk to us about modifying our standard products or designing a new one to meet your exact needs.

Comus welcomes Coto Technology   

Products Groups
bullet   Reed Switches & COTO reeds  NEW
bullet   Mercury Wetted Switches
bullet   Reed & High Voltage Reed Relays
bullet   Mercury Wetted Relays
bullet   Solid State Relays
bullet   Movement / Vibration Switches
bullet   Tilt / Tip-Over Switches
bullet   High Breakdown Switches
bullet   Pressure Switches  NEW
bullet   Alarm & Security Switches NEW
bullet   Magnetic Proximity Switches
bullet   Inductive & Capacitive - Threaded  NEW
bullet   Inductive & Capacitive - Plastic
bullet   Magnets
bullet   Shock and Acceleration Switches
bullet   Smart Sensors NEW
bullet   Low Cost - Non Mercury Switches
bullet   Float Switches
bullet   Optical Level switches  NEW
bullet   Ultrasonic Sensors  NEW

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Customer Design 
Comus can provide full technical engineering support by either modifying standard products or designing new product to your specifications .
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Customized Switches
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© Comus International, 454 Allwood Road, Clifton, NJ 07012, US - Tel +1(973)777-6900 - Fax +1(973)777-8405 - 

Getting the right reed switch
A Reed Switch consists of ferromagnetic contacts or blades held in an insulating case. Within this case, these blades are held a particular distance apart while the case protects the contacts from corrosion because outside air can`t reach inside. The contacts extend outside the case where they are connected to any suitable appliance. An ordinary rubber insulates the wiring outside the case. Some of the reasons why using a Reed Switch is feasible is because it is small and of convenient size, had low weight but a minimal response period, can be used in more than 45 million operations, and, is cost effective. There are different types of Reed Switches including Mercury Reed Switches, High Voltage Reed Switches, Dry Reed Switches, and High Power Switch Modules. Depending on the use you have, each of these has its particular use. Generally, a Reed Switch be can used in robotics sensors, security sensors, reed relays, automotive sensors, and toys.
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Solid state relay
Every day our well established company ship hundreds of thousands of Solid State Relay switches all over the world. Solid State Relay is a fairly new invention in the engineering world, but it is an invention that has categorically changed the face of the engineering community. There are different kinds of Solid State Relay some are more accurately assembled than others, and as such these kinds of Solid State Relay tend to cost a little more per piece than you might be used to paying. That said however it is definitely true that where this applies the engineering quality of said pieces is second to none. In case you perhaps do not know what the type of Solid State Relay your company needs is then we have on hand many qualified professionals to give you all the advice and information that you would need. Alternatively you can place your order with us online safely and securely using 128bit encryption at our online store. More details on our Solid State Relay and other useful switches can be found here too,
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movement sensor
A Movement Sensor is an indispensable tool in certain locations. It is one of the best security accessories to have. Motion sensors are quite similar to tilt switches. Tilt switches are implemented as Movement Sensors as well. Movement Sensors consist of materials arranged in a particular manner. When there is movement in the surroundings of a Movement Sensor, it is immediately sensed. Following the movement will be a fluctuation or a shift in the Movement Sensor. The alarm triggered by this movement could be an alarm of any kind. The alarm could also be fitted anywhere, depending on your preference. There are few reliable companies that manufacture Movement Sensors. You can have different types of sensors. You would be able to choose a Movement Sensor depending on your particular need. Having a Movement Sensor where there is sensitive information or valuables stored is essential. A Movement Sensor is believed to be more reliable than a human eye. Therefore, instead of hiring more people to watch over your premises you may have more sensors. You would then only need to remain alert for your alarm to go off.
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