In the Spotlight – Solid State

Multitudes of customers, who are looking for long term savings by way of fewer headaches on their production backend, are turning toward Comus for a better product and peace of mind. Our experienced engineers can offer technical advice and assistance with customer specific designs. We pride ourselves on our excellent pre-sales technical service, including extensive research and testing. Decades of manufacturing experience leads to a high quality hand-made final product. The care and effort we put into every project is winning over more and more customers.

Our current popular types include our WG A3 which is the leading market choice for railroad/industrial applications. With an ability to switch three phase loads with one control signal up to rated line currents of 45A and line voltages up to 660Vac and a high noise immunity, internal overvoltage that is better than any comparable relay on the market, it is no wonder it is the customer’s first and only choice.

For a three phase motor reversing applications there is no better choice than our WG A0 series. Able to switch load currents up to 45 Amps as a standard off the shelf item (higher loads are always possible.) A built-in interlocking circuit with a typical change over switching time 60 ± 20ms prevents simultaneous switching-on of forward and reverse functions and prevents a short circuit between two phases. All functions are monitored by external LED’s for ease of installation and use.

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In the Spotlight - Solid State