Electronic Inclination Sensor



  • medical devices such as hospital beds
  • vehicle leveling and/or alarm control sensing
  • solar panel positioning
  • safety sensing for heaters where equipment has to be kept in relative level state


The picture above gives one example of a truck using the PDT1005 to evenly distribute the weight of its load. The PDT1005 will be used in the truck’s suspension to prevent one side of the truck from leaning over because of a heavier load located only on one side. Our smart sensor is located below the truck’s trailer to send information to the suspension for adjustments when necessary. This prevents the truck from tipping over and possibly causing a fatal accident.


  • Multi Axis Tilt Sensor
  • Two Analog Outputs
  • Senses XY Planes
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Mechanical Stress Resistant
  • Environmentally Safe

Housing Material

  • ABS Plastic
  • Epoxy Encapsulated


  • Reaction Time
  • Tilt Control
  • Size of Unit

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PDT1005 Electronic Inclination Sensor