Housed SMD Reed Switches


  • Consumer Electronic devices: Notebook computers, cellular phones, copiers
  • Security: doors, windows, smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Toys: Electronic board games, LEGO sensors, bicycle speedometers
  • Industrial applications: pressure gauges, flow meters, liquid level sensors
  • White Goods: coffee machines, humidifiers, water and detergent level indicators for washing machines and dish washers


One key example of the use of our RI-80SMDH in White Goods is a washing machine. For this application the switch must determine when the machine door is open or closed. The reed switch is placed in the washing machine’s door frame and a magnet in the door. As a standard feature the reed switch will not allow the machine to operate should the start button be accidentally pressed while the door is open for loading or unloading. Also if the door should open while the washing machine is in motion, the reed switch also serves as a safety device, bringing the machine to a quick halt.



• ATE Grade switches only for highest quality
• 100% galvanic isolation
• Hermetically sealed
• Ambient Operating Temperature
• Resistant to Ambient Environment Conditions

Available Styles
• G1 Model (Gull Wing)
• G2 Model (Gull Wing)
• J-Lead Model

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Housed SMD Reed Switches