Mini SIP Reed Relays


Important characteristics for Reed Relays

  • small size
  • low capacitance
  • stable contact resistance



Reed relays are commonly used in high-switch density applications such as automated PCB test equipment. Modern testers require higher pin counts, making our family of Mini SIP reed relays ideally suited for test applications by delivering a 40% footprint reduction while maintaining high quality, reliability, and long life.



  • Long life with hermetically sealed, sputtered Ruthenium contacts
  • High 10^12 Ω insulation resistance helps deliver accurate test measurement results
  • 1A and 2A contact forms are ideal for high-density switch test matrices
  • Highly reliable operation with a magnetic shield, even under severe test measurements
  • Coil suppression diode that protects coil drive circuits
  • Industry-standard package
  • RoHS compliant and UL certified

Supporting Files

Mini SIP Reed Relay Press Release