SMD Reed Relay

ATE testerApplications

Important characteristics for Reed Relays

  • small size
  • low capacitance
  • RF performance

With the exponential advances in today’s technology, Automatic Test Equipment makers are continuously having to meet new challenges in order to serve demand. As such the performance boards for these testers are constantly being pushed to new limits and with this the need for new and innovative reed relays becomes self evident. The requirements of RF, stable contact resistance and fast signal switching in a robust, board space conscience package are an absolute must.



  • High reliability reed switch with Sputtered Ruthenium contacts for stable contact resistance and long life.
  • 10 W 1 Form A available in Gull and J-Bend lead configurations.
  • Standard Coaxial Shield for RF applications up to 6 GHz.
  • External magnetic shield
  • High insulation resistance 10^12 Ω minimum
  • Tape and reel packaging available

Supporting Files

SMD Reed Relay Press Release