Steel Proximity Sensors

Application: Agriculture Machinery from McHale

McHale, like Comus is a family run business and for over 3 decades have developed a range of specialist farm machinery. Evolving from a farm machinery retail outlet which is still in existence today; this background has provided an excellent foundation for the design and manufacture of farm machinery, due to the direct contact with the end user. Looking to always improve and innovate they contacted Comus to partner on enhancements to their baler equipment. To make them safer and better.

The Comus Steel sensor is shown here being used in a baler wrapper to safely monitor the position of a pin on the Baler. The pin has two positions; storage/transportation and usage. When in the stored/transport position the Comus Steel sensor prevents accidental deployment by the machine operator by interrupting the circuit. When in usage mode the sensor allows the machine to be fully operated.

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Steel Proximity Sensors Press Release