Mini SIP Reed Relays

Applications Important characteristics for Reed Relays small size low capacitance stable contact resistance     Reed relays are commonly used in high-switch density applications such as automated PCB test equipment. Modern testers require hig … Continue reading Mini SIP Reed Relays

GC2717 Reed Switch

Application: Wire Harness and Cable Testing Automobiles are very different devices than they were 10 years ago. They no longer simply exist to get someone from point A to point B and instead have a myriad of other useful functions that keep people safe … Continue reading GC2717 Reed Switch

GC2315 Reed Switch

Application: Magnetic Sensors for Industry Today’s modern automated manufacturing systems require exact movement and precise placement of  components  to assemble everything from widgets to automobiles.  To guarantee consistent quality product, the ind … Continue reading GC2315 Reed Switch

GC Reed Switches

Application: Tank Level Sensor Level sensors with reed switches are used in every manufacturing process. Whether it be food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or your beverage of choice, ingredients are mixed together from storage tanks into bigger processin … Continue reading GC Reed Switches

BFH Series Relay

Applications: Testing Systems Important characteristics for Reed Relays • Long Life • High Reliability and Repeatability Interface Boards or DUT load boards for LSI, VLSI, Memory & Analog/Mixed signal ATE Test Systems require consistent and repeata … Continue reading BFH Series Relay

Ultra Mini SIP

Applications: High Density Test Matrix Modules The New 1517 series Ultra Mini SIP is ideal for high density and reliable switching matrices used in ATE and data acquisition systems. As test matrix modules try to pack as many relays as possible onto a P … Continue reading Ultra Mini SIP

RI-91 Reed Switch

Application: Reed Relays and Sensors Important characteristics for Reed Relays and Reed Sensors • Long life • High reliability • Stable contact resistance The new 10 watt RI-91 Form C SPDT switch does all of this and offers a tremendous improvement to … Continue reading RI-91 Reed Switch

GC Reed Switches


Application: Tank Level Sensor Everybody notices petroleum and chemical tank farms in our landscapes, oil and chemical tankers traveling the globe and tanker trucks on the highway every day. STG reed switches are ideal for liquid level storage solution … Continue reading GC Reed Switches

SMD Reed Relay

Applications Important characteristics for Reed Relays small size low capacitance RF performance With the exponential advances in today’s technology, Automatic Test Equipment makers are continuously having to meet new challenges in order to serve deman … Continue reading SMD Reed Relay