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3570.1504 High Voltage Reed Relays

We at the Comus Group of Companies are excited to announce the release of the new 3570.1504 series of high voltage reed relays. These relays are ideal for automotive applications such as electric vehicles (EVs) battery packs testing. The Comus 3570.1504 series relays use the Comus Technology B.V. (Coto Technology®) reed switches with sputtered ruthenium … Continue reading 3570.1504 High Voltage Reed Relays

BFH 1 Form C Relay

BFH 1FormC Relay GS

Comus International is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the BFH series of high reliability instrumentation grade multi-pole reed relays, the BFH-1C (1A/1B) relay. The new BFH-1C takes practical advantage of Comus’ vertical manufacturing capabilities. Our Comus Technology BV sputtered ruthenium reed switches are used exclusively and allow for the quicker lead times, superior … Continue reading BFH 1 Form C Relay