BFH 1 Form C Relay

BFH 1FormC Relay GS

Comus International is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the BFH series of high reliability instrumentation grade multi-pole reed relays, the BFH-1C (1A/1B) relay. The new BFH-1C takes practical advantage of Comus’ vertical manufacturing capabilities. Our Comus Technology BV sputtered ruthenium reed switches are used exclusively and allow for the quicker lead times, superior … Continue reading BFH 1 Form C Relay

RI-80SMDM Reed Switch

RI-80SMDM Reed Switch

The Comus Group is proud to introduce our first overmolded surface mount reed switch, the RI-80SMDM Series. The new RI-80SMDM series uses our Comus Technology BV ATE (automatic test equipment) grade 5mm sputtered ruthenium contact reed switch molded in a rugged plastic SMD package ideal for portable electronics, medical and proximity sensor applications. The RI-80SMDM … Continue reading RI-80SMDM Reed Switch

New Division: Comus Relays & Sensors

Comus International announces the opening of their new division Comus Relays and Sensors in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The new Comus Relays and Sensors location will be responsible for sales, promotion, design, and development of reed switch based products. Staffed with over 100 years of combined reed switch design experience, Comus Relays and Sensors Rhode Island … Continue reading New Division: Comus Relays & Sensors

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