38-Q Series PhotoDMOS Relays

We at Comus Group of Companies, in partnership with Bright Toward Industrial, are excited to offer the 38-Q series of PhotoDMOS relays. These high-quality relays are AEC-Q101 certified, making them ideal for automotive applications such as the Battery Management System (BMS) in electric vehicles.

PhotoDMOS relays product line is available in 1A contact form SOP-4 packages and 2A contact form SOP-8 packages. Our 38-Q relays feature a minimum I/O Breakdown Voltage of 1500 Vrms and can handle AC peak or DC Output Load Voltages of up to 600 V.

The 38-Q series relays are competitively priced, UL certified, RoHS compliant, and meet REACH requirements.

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38-Q Series PhotoDMOS Relays Press Release