Mini SIP Reed Relays

We at Comus Group of Companies are excited to announce the release of the new 3570-14xx series product line of Mini SIP reed relays. These highly reliable Mini SIP reed relays are ideal for high-density test matrices and instrumentation.

The Comus 3570-14xx series reed relay family features a 40% smaller footprint than standard SIP reed relays. This small footprint makes our Mini SIP product line ideal for usage in applications where PCB real estate is limited. The new product line takes advantage of the Coto Technology® superior-quality reed switches that Comus exclusively uses in every reed relay. The relays have long life with hermetically sealed, sputtered Ruthenium contacts. Also featured is a high 10^12 Ω insulation resistance that helps deliver accurate test measurement results and best-in-class performance.

Our new reed relays include 1A as well as 2A contact forms, making them the perfect fit for high-density test matrices. In addition, our Mini SIP relays come with an optional magnetic shield that ensures reliable operation even under the most demanding test conditions. We offer optional coil suppression diodes to help protect coil drive circuits, making these relays highly reliable. Our relays support 10 W and 15 W switch power ratings. All Comus Mini SIP reed relays are RoHS compliant and UL certified.

These reed relays have a standard lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. Prices for the quantity of 1000 relays start at $1.43 for the 3570-1411 Mini SIP reed relays, $1.54 for the 3570 -1419, $2.82 for the 3570-1421, and $3.06 for the 3570-1429 relays. Detailed datasheets are available on Comus’ website.

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Mini SIP Reed Relay Press Release