Getting Smart with Sensing Technology

A Smart sensor utilizes multiple sensing technologies and processing techniques in a package uniquely tailored for various environments, giving our customers a turnkey package solution that will transmit more information than using independent sensors.

Our Smart sensor range is designed to weather environmental conditions such as vibration and mechanical stress. They consist of time proven and tested sensing technology to give you a robust sensor with reaction time as little as 2ms. You can be sure to get the reliability and performance you have come to expect from the Comus Group in our newest sensor line.

We customize our products to your specification. Whether it’s changing reaction time, angle thresholds or acceleration levels; our line of programmable sensors can give you the versatility needed for your application. The sensors can be adjusted (programmed) through a USB serial converter cable with a 3mm audio jack connector. We supply and modify a variety of Smart sensors specific to your needs. Sales and engineering personnel are available to customize your application on and off site.

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