Power and Precision Sensing Solutions for AC and DC Loads

Problem Statement

With the advent of the desire for “Green solutions” and the demands from customers for ROHS and REACH compliance calling to replace useful but potentially hazardous materials like mercury in the sensing market place, manufacturers of power motion and power sensing solutions have been faced with a dilemma. How can they offer a commodity to the market that can replace such a sensor in a way that the duplicates fit, form and function? Issues with regards to customers needing a turnkey package sensing solution that can handle loads in excess of 1 amp without using mercury or a relay in series with such a device, have until recently not been offered a viable solution.

Previous Options

With options being extremely limited, the primary alternatives have been product discontinuance as well as the utilization of relays incorporated with less capable or inferior sensing technology.

The Comus solution

The Smart Sensor

Benefit 1

The Comus Smart Sensor can handle loads as high as 15 amps or greater. This benefit eliminates the need for use of a relay in series with one’s device, lowering cost and installation pitfalls. With other electronic sensors having issues indicative of high off state leak current and/or voltage interfering with relays, creating false triggering and latching, the Comus Smart Sensor eliminates this. Where relays are still required for additional end customer application needs, the Comus Smart Sensors are designed with virtually zero off state leakage and/or current.

Benefit 2

The Comus Smart Sensor can be fully customizable, tailored and finely tuned to fit unique application requirements with relative ease. the essential building blocks of our Smart Sensors are virtually limitless in terms of available options that our customers may require.

Benefit 3

Most Comus Smart Sensors have been in filters to industrial environmental conditions such as high vibration and excessive heat. Such conditions can shorten the life of any sensor unless the sensor is constructed to withstand it. The Comus Smart Sensor is designed for these types of environments and will thrive where most sensors would fail.


The Comus Smart Sensor is designed to be “plug and play”. Each device is designed to be installed directly in series with ones application or configurable with a PLC controller.


The Comus Smart Sensor offers the power, versatility and functionality needed for the power and precision sensing environments, encapsulating the many required features in a singular package, making our Smart Sensor the needed ROHS compliant replacement our customers have been searching for.

by Joseph Perez, Vice President of Comus International

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