Steel Sensing Proximity Sensors

We at the Comus Group of Companies are proud to announce the release of the new Comus SRA-SP family of Steel Sensing Proximity Sensors— SRA-SP-001, SRA-SP-002, SRA-SP-003, SRA-SP-004 and SRA-SP-006. These highly accurate and compact ferrous metal detecting proximity sensors are ideal for automated production lines and robotics sensing. The Comus SRA-SP product line is also well-suited for the safety guard and the entrance-gate position detection applications.

Customization options include cable types, cable lengths, connectors, and crimp terminal types. The Comus SRA-SP sensors are non-powered single device detection solutions with IP67 rated enclosures for harsh environments. Also, our sensors are RoHS compliant. The SRA-SP devices feature top, front, side, and base sensing directions.

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Steel Sensing Proximity Sensors Press Release