New Division: Comus Relays & Sensors

IMG_0910Comus International announces the opening of their new division Comus Relays and Sensors in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The new Comus Relays and Sensors location will be responsible for sales, promotion, design, and development of reed switch based products.

Staffed with over 100 years of combined reed switch design experience, Comus Relays and Sensors Rhode Island can offer sensible solutions to your reed relay and reed sensor requirements.

Comus International has evolved into a world leader for the design, development, and manufacture of reed switch based products. Reed applications are found in such diverse market segments as medical, automotive, white goods, security, automatic test equipment, and instrumentation.

Comus success has been built on our excellent reputation for quality and service. Our new research and development location in Smithfield, Rhode Island expands Comus International’s commitment and support to our mission of “Sensing the world’s needs.” – President & CEO Robert P Romano

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New Division: Comus Relays & Sensors