New Prototyping Capability

3D Printer GSComus Europe recently acquired a Stratasys uPrint SE 3D printer providing the capability to produce prototype parts in natural ABS without costly tooling or machinery.

With a maximum build size of 203 x 203 x 152 (8 x 8 x 6 in) and a minimum layer thickness 0.254mm (0.010in) the uPrint SE is capable of creating prototype parts from .stl files in a short time scale with limited finishing operations. These parts can be used for design development and customer approval greatly reducing development costs and time to market. There is also the possibility of using the machine to make tooling components such as moulds and assembly nests.

The parts are built by laying down layers of ABS filament to build the completed part. A washable support material is laid down at the same time to support the product during build. This material is then removed in a purpose built wash tank. The product can, if required, be hand finished by the customer to improve surface finish or add colour. Complex parts such as a ball in a lattice box and even assemblies with moving parts such as a chain can be produced as one piece with this process.

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